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We have a comprehensive-service mindset when it comes to the digitalization of distribution grids. Our process-oriented, cloud-based grid analytics platform incorporates every aspect of an innovative, data-driven planning and operation approach for grid infrastructure.

Professional grid planning
with Adaptricity.Plan

Adaptricity.Plan offers a variety of features that can be immediately employed in the day-to-day operations of grid planning. Grid models can be easily imported using a wide variety of different data connectors. All calculations in the grid model - be it power flow or short circuit calculations, grid reinforcement, or connection requests - are only a single click away.

Time series-based grid simulations with Adaptricity.Sim

Adaptricity.Sim delivers detailed analysis of your distribution grid based on time-series simulations. The simulator is capable of representing the evolving energy sector, with its numerous parameters and variables, in a way that is true-to-life. The digital twin of your grid will not be limited to power-consuming appliances and traditional power generators, but will seamlessly integrate prosumer models, dynamic-pricing behaviors, SmartGrid applications, power-to-heat and more. Adaptricity.Sim gives you in-depth insight into the distribution grid of the future.

Grid operation with Adaptricity.Mon

Adaptricity.Mon provides comprehensive grid monitoring through the use of SmartMeters and substation measurement equipment. The visualization and evaluation of measurement data helps you detect operational violations and allows you to spot negative trends in your grid. Since all measurement data is linked to a grid model, power flow calculations can be made for each time-step, you will receive accurate information about the grid's operational state, i.e. voltages and line loadings, at least every 15 minutes, completely automatically!

Automated connection requests with Adaptricity.Connect

Adaptricity.Connect allows your end-customers to evaluate their connection requests themselves, saving you and your customers significant time and effort. The preliminary calculation of RES hosting capacity per node makes it easy to determine which connection node will be suitable for a new RES installation. The expensive options can be ruled out from the get-go, and (thanks to the pre-screening process) it is more likely that the final connection request can be implemented cost-effectively. The end-customer benefits from instant feedback, and the grid planning department benefits from a significantly reduced number of requests, and therefore a lighter workload.

The Adaptricity platform

At the heart of our product range is the Adaptricity platform, with its super-efficient simulation engine and wide variety of grid calculation functions, such as power flow, short-circuit calculation, stress test, and time series simulation. Data source systems are easy to connect, either directly or using the Import-Docker-Container (IDC). Simulation results can be viewed either in standard dashboards, or in specifically customized dashboards in oder to suit customer needs.

Our three products Adaptricity.Plan, Adaptricity.Sim, and Adaptricity.Mon build upon the same cloud-based platform, and use the same digital twin of your distribution grid, making the upgrade from initial stages of grid planning to full SmartMeter-based grid monitoring a breeze.

Say goodbye to manually evaluating countless connection requests, and fully automate the connection request process with our newest product Adaptricity.Connect. The web app builds directly onto the functionality of Adaptricity.Plan, and can be seamlessly integrated into your company website.

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