About Adaptricity

The SmartGrid experts

Adaptricity, a spin-off of ETH Zurich, has established itself as a SmartGrid innovation driver in the German-speaking region since its foundation in 2014. 


With its software tools, our company enables the merging of traditional grid planning with data-based algorithms. This is done using all the measurement data available in the power grid, such as that from smart meters. With Adaptricity's network monitoring tool Adaptricity.Mon, network operators can visualize, simulate and analyze their power networks in near real time. This increases efficiency in grid operations and leads to better RE integration and lower grid losses. 

EE-Integration sowie geringeren Netzverlusten.

Our vision:
We ensure an efficient, digitalized and 
sustainable energy infrastructure.

What we stand for:

Customer focus – We see our customer relationships as long-term partnerships, and invest accordingly. It is of great importance that we fully understand our customers’ needs, and that we share our expertise and provide personal support. When it comes to business partners we maintain transparent, reliable relationships, and we require that our partners meet the same standards that we hold.

Quality – Our employees contribute to Adaptricity's reputation for quality and reliability in all respects. We plan operational objectives in advance, and ensure that we’re able to track our progress and measure our achievements.

Reliability – We work together in a way that fosters trust, mutual respect and appreciation. It is important to us to communicate clearly, be true to our word, and to ensure we adhere to deadlines to the highest degree possible.

Enthusiasm – We strive to create an environment in which we can work together to meet our goals, with joy and enthusiasm, and in which every employee is given the opportunity to contribute their ideas and suggestions.

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