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About us

Our goal is to help create sustainable electricity infrastructure capable of rising to the challenges of an evolving energy sector, through data-driven grid planning and flexible grid operation.

The SmartGrid experts

Since our founding in 2014 as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich, Adaptricity has been firmly established as a driver of SmartGrid innovation in the German-speaking world. Our innovative grid analytics tools combine traditional grid planning practices with data-driven algorithms to ensure all measurement data available in the power grid (such as smart meter data) is used to the full potential. With Adaptricity's grid monitoring tool Adaptricity.Mon, grid operators can visualize, simulate, and analyze their electricity grids in near real-time. That means grid operations become more efficient which in turn leads to better RES integration and fewer grid losses. 


Founding of Adaptricity as spin-off company of ETH Zurich


Adaptricity wins the VENTURE KICK and receives a 130 Tsd. CHF start capital


Adaptricity wins the Climate-KIC Innovate4Climate-Finale and the Swiss Venture Competition and receives 125 Tsd. CHF price money


Adaptricity wins the IMD Startup Competition 2016 of the IMD Business School


Majority acquisition by LEONI


Adaptricity is in the final as the last Cleantech-Startup of the Swiss Technology Award


Adaptricity is amoung the global Top100 Energy Startups in the SET-Awards competition of the German Energie-Agentur


Adaptricity is part of the Free Electrons Accelerator Program and prevails against 500+ Energy Startups (global competition)


CIRED Startup Award and Asian Utility Award


Winning the Watt d’Or award

- Vision -
We enable an efficient, digitalized and sustainable energy infrastructure

- Our service philosophy -

Outstanding expertise, responsibility and commitment are the standards that set Adaptricity apart. Our corporate culture is shaped by the values of a modern service provider: trust, customer focus, reliability, and commitment. These values are the foundation for everything we do. We invest continuously in improving and developing our software, which means the products we create are cutting-edge, often setting industry-wide standards.

The way that we work is based on the following guidelines:


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