Time-series based grid analysis and planning with Adaptricity.Sim

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Our super-efficient time series simulation engine offers a variety of algorithms. Simulate dynamic systems to enable flexible grid planning.


The integration of different data sources provides answers to complex questions, and means you will always be working with the most up-to-date data.


Run parallel simulations, and benefit from the automatic control of simulations via our web interface. Keep the overview with straightforward evaluations tailored to your grid analytics needs.

In the future, grid planning and operation will demand an increasingly flexible planning and simulation environment that allows for time-series-based simulations of active distribution grids. Our cloud-based tool, Adaptricity.Sim, with its unique functionality and intuitive usability, is the answer.

Adaptricity.Sim – how it works

Adaptricity.Sim is tailored to detailed analyzes of the distribution grid based on time series simulations with real measured data. A sophisticated prosumer model allows the new energy world to be realistically represented in the grid simulator: Households own not only electricity-consuming devices, but also generators and decentralized battery storage. Self-consumption tariffs change customers' electricity purchasing behavior. Intelligent grid resources such as voltage regulators and controllable local grid transformers stabilize the grid. Perhaps even large thermal storage systems will provide flexibility for the grid via power-to-heat applications. With Adaptricity.Sim, you map all effects in a digital twin and get detailed insights into the operational behavior of future power grids.

Time-series based grid simulation studies

Sim: Simulationsstudie_Zeitreihen_DE

List of all limit violations over the displayed time period

Line diagram of node voltages

Box-Whisker plot displaying line loads

Overview of all warnings and limit violations displayed on the time axis

Representation of the grid topology showing limit violations

Details of individual grid elements


Time-series based connection requests

Sim: Zeitreihen-Anschlussgesuch_DE

Limit violations are displayed directly on the grid topology

Choose the functionality you want to use: Set parameters for the request, view result plot, overview of limit violations, or battery dimensioning

Select the time series to display: simulation base case, simulation connection request, or simulation with battery

Quantile plot of line loads

Quantile plot of node voltages


Battery simulations

Sim: Batteriesimulation_DE

Representation of the grid topology showing limit violations

Configuration of the battery parameters

Power input and output of the battery

Battery charge status