Professional grid planning
with Adaptricity.Plan

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Adaptricity.Plan is highly intuitive and ready to use out-of-the-box. No configuration is required and there’s no need for long training sessions.


Run your grid model from a single location your GIS. Thanks to data interfaces and import functions you’ll always be working with the latest grid data.


End-to-end processes save time and resources. For instance, you can make connection requests directly in the GIS and all calculations are run in the background.

The structure of electricity grids is becoming increasingly complex and requires efficient grid planning processes.

We offer the solution  Adaptricity.plan is your starting point towards more intelligent and efficient grid planning.

Adaptricity.Plan – how it works

Adaptricity.Plan, the foundation of our product range, offers a variety of features that can be immediately employed in day-to-day grid planning activities. Manage your grid models directly in the software or import it using any of a wide variety of grid importers. As soon as your grid model is uploaded, everything else becomes quick and easy:
All calculations in the grid model - power flow, short circuit, grid reinforcement, or connection requests - are a single click away.

Hints & tricks

To explain the functions of Adaptricity.Plan we offer useful guidelines and videos on our website. Follow our videos here or on Youtube.

Power flow calculation

Plan: 1 Lastflussberechnung​

Selection of grid reinforcements and connection requests to consider

Aggregated information about the power flow situation

Tabular display of the power flow calculation results

Toolbar with additional options (element labels etc.)

Search for grid elements

Legend for the result display on the grid topology

Toggle between map display, schematic display or split-screen

Color-coded, grid- element-wise display of results


Short circuit calculation

Plan: 2 Kurzschlussberechnung​

Select the relevant short circuit quantities for display in the grid model

Representation of short circuits in terms of current, power or impedance

Selection of variables to be shown in result tables

Tabular display of short circuit calculation results

Legend with color codes for value ranges

Color-coded, grid- element-wise display of results


Stress test and future scenarios &
DACHCZ Connection requests

Plan: 3 Stresstest / DACHCZ​

Limit violations, charted as percentiles, plotted against the percentage of additional devices in the grid

Tabular display of limit violations for the selected percentage

Limit violations for the selected percentage of additional devices, displayed directly on the grid topology

Resizing of the plant and dynamic recalculation of the request evaluation

Select the status of the connection request and default for grid calculations (ON/OFF)

Display of results (voltage increase, flicker, harmonics etc.)

Relative voltage increase is displayed directly on the grid topology

Stress test and future scenarios
Connection requests according to DACHCZ

Grid reinforcement & protection calculation

Plan: 4 Schutzberechnung​ / Netzverstärkungen​

Choose from: Tabular display of the results, display of a stage plan or selectivity diagram of a transformer station

Select how results are displayed: Grid node perspective ("A short-circuit at which nodes would not be compliantly switched off?”) or fuse/protection device ("Which fuse/protection device has non-compliant switch-off times in certain cases?”)

Display of the selectivity diagram and short circuit details

Selectivity diagram to view the disconnection selectivity of staged fuses or protection devices

Visual display on the grid topology

Stress test result without grid reinforcement

Stress test result with grid reinforcement

Grid reinforcement details shown in the list of grid elements

Estimate of the total cost of the grid reinforcement measures

Grid reinforcement is displayed directly in the grid model

Grid reinforcement
Protection calculation