Our Team

We help our customers get more out of their grids


Dr. Stephan Koch

Sabine Aschwanden


Software Development

Dr. Francesco Ferrucci
Head of Software Development

Ismail Shoukry
Software Product Manager

Patrick Lieberherr
Senior Software Engineer

Matthias Christen

Senior Software Engineer

Rudolf Bauer
Senior Software Engineer

Andreas Eismann
Senior Software Engineer

Lucius Humm
Software Engineer

Moritz Bunse
Frontend Tester

Sales Engineers

Fabian Krek
Head of Sales

Felix Pfister
Senior Sales Engineer

Jordi Civit Figueras
Junior Sales Engineer

Project Engineers

Damiano Toffanin
Head of Project Engineers

Janis Münchrath
Project Engineer

Joel da Silva André

Project Engineer

Management Support / Marketing

Heidi Schnyder
Management Support

Dominique Baudenbacher
Marketing & Communications Manager

Allaina Venema
Graphic Designer