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Secure Switzerland

At renowned national and international conferences, the Secure Switzerland team regularly presents new findings from our ongoing projects and thus contributes to innovation efforts in the energy sector. Below you will find a selection of our publications.


CIRED 2023, Rom, Hierarchical Large-scale Distribution Grid Simulation Across Multiple Voltage Levels Using Smart Metering Data

e|m|w das energate-Magazine, E-World-Sonderausgabe, Mehr Transparenz fürs Stromnetz



SCCER Mobility Annual Conference 2019, ETH Zurich, Poster: Toffanin, D.; Ulbig, A.; Stiasny, J.: Fragility of EV Grid Impact Assessment to Modelling and Control Choices, Presentation: Ulbig, A.: Grid Impact Assessment of E-Mobility

CIRED 2019, Madrid, Toffanin, D.; Ulbig, A.: Taming uncertainty in distribution grid planning – A scenario-based methodology for the analysis of impact of electric vehicles



SCCER FURIES Annual Conference 2018, EPFL Lausanne, Presentation: Ulbig, A.: Results of SoloGrid pilot project – Decentralized load management to increase the efficiency of local energy communities

CIRED 2018, Ljubljana, Stocker, N.; Ulbig, A.; Toffanin, D.: Results of the Sologrid Pilot Project – Decentralized Load Management to Increase the Efficiency of Local Energy Communities

VDE TEC Summit 2018 / ETG-CIRED-Workshop 2018, Berlin, Poster 1 – Toprak, D.; Ulbig, A.: Modellierung und Validierung von zeitreihenbasierten Verteilnetzsimulationen basierend auf heterogenen Messdaten
Poster 2 – Stocker, N.; Toffanin, D.; Ulbig, A.: Resultate aus dem SoloGrid-Pilotprojekt zur Analyse der Effektivität von GridSense, einer intelligenten, dezentralen Energiemanagementlösung
Poster 3 – Rullan, T.; Ulbig, A.: Optimierung der Verteilnetztopologie zur Erhöhung der PV-Integrationskapazität



Ulbig, A.; Koch, S.; Antonakopoulos, C.: Towards more cost-effective PV connection request assessments via time-series based grid simulation and analysis. Accepted for CIRED Conference, Glasgow, 12-15 June 2017

Ulbig, A.; Koch, S.; Antonakopoulos, C.: Kosteneffizienter Verteilnetzausbau dank zeitreihenbasierter Netzsimulationen. Proceedings of 4th OTTI conference (, Berlin, 31 January / 1 February 2017.



Gaillard, A.; Koch, S.: Solarer Eigenverbrauch – Finanzielle Auswirkungen von PV-Anlagen und PV/Batterie- Systemen auf Schweizer EVUs. VSE Bulletin, December 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Zufferey, T.; Rodríguez-Villalón, O.; Koch, S.: SFOE R&D Project, „SmartMetering – Optimized Distribution Grid Operation by Utilization of Smart Metering Data“. Final Project Report, October 2016.

EE News: Adaptricity: Release der SmartGrid-Simulationssoftware DPG.sim Academic. EE News Bulletin, October 2016.

Vogel, B.: Stromflüssen auf der Spur. VSE Bulletin, October 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F.: La simulation au service des réseaux. VSE Bulletin, May 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Rullan, T.; Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F.: Assessment of the Aggregated Impacts of Prosumer Behaviour. Proceedings of the CIRED Workshop, Helsinki, June 2016.

Ulbig, A; Cajoos, D.; Gasche, M.; Laeser, M. et al.: GridSense SoloGrid Pilot Project – Using Decentralized Artificial Intelligence for Making Distribution Grids Resilient. 

Proceedings of the CIRED Workshop, Helsinki, June 2016.

Ulbig, A.; Rullan, T.; Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F.: Aggregierte Netzauswirkungen durch individuelle Dispatch-Optimierungsentscheide auf Endkunden-Ebene. Proceedings of 3rd OTTI conference (, Berlin, 26-27 January 2016.



Koch, S.; Ferrucci, F., Ulbig, A., Koller, M.: Time-series simulations and assessment of smart grid planning options of distribution grids. Submitted to CIRED Conference, Lyon, June 2015.

Koch, S.; Ulbig, A.; Ferrucci, F.: Zeitreihenbasierte Netzsimulation und Bewertung von SmartGrid-Ausbauoptionen für Verteilnetze. Proceedings of 2nd OTTI conference (, Berlin, January 2015.



Koch, S.; Ulbig, A.; Ferrucci, F.: An innovative software platform for simulation and optimization of active distribution grids for DSOs and smartgrid researchers. Proceedings of CIRED Workshop, Rome, June 2014.

Koch, S.; Ulbig, A.; Ferrucci, F.: Eine innovative Simulationsumgebung für aktiv geführte Verteilnetze. Proceedings of 1st OTTI conference (, Berlin, January 2014.