Automated connection requests with Adaptricity.Connect

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Enables an initial (non-binding) evaluation of connection requests through an easy-to-use interface, and simple forwarding of definitive connection requests.


Comprehensive configuration options offer fast integration into company workflows.
Easily adaptable to the existing corporate design of the grid operator.


End-to-end processes save you time and resources in the registration and evaluation process - connection requests are registered directly in your GIS.

Your customers are the beginning and end of a quick and successful connection request.

With Adaptricity.Connect, you can involve your customers directly in the planning process, saving time and effort for both of you – everybody wins.

Adaptricity.Connect – how it works

With our newest product, Adaptricity.Connect, your end customers evaluate their connection requests themselves (provisionally and without obligation) therefore taking part of the work out of your hands. Based on a pre-calculated hosting capacity per node, our software quickly determines which grid node would be suitable for a new installation at a given location. This means the grid planner can immediately rule out expensive options, and submit a definitive connection request that has been pre-tested and has thus a greater chance of being implemented cost-effectively. The customer benefits from instant feedback, and the grid planning department benefits from a lower workload, thanks to the reduced number of requests.