New feature for Adaptricity.Plan, Adaptricity.Sim, and Adaptricity.Mon!

The essentials in brief:

What: We have enhanced our software with the reliability calculation feature

When: The reliability feature will be available from this month, February 2022

How: The feature will be available to our customers with one of our weekly deployments

Who can use it: All our customers who use one of these plans: Adaptricity.Plan, Adaptricity.Sim, and/or Adaptricity.Mon

To better support network operators in strategic target network planning regarding the technical-economic evaluation of future expansion variants, we have added the reliability calculation function to Adaptricity.Plan, Adaptricity.Sim, and Adaptricity.Mon. This feature is used to determine the common reliability indices for a given network model based on statistical outage data. With this new function, the effect of a planned modification measure on supply reliability can be objectively weighed against the costs with the help of the reliability calculation.

The calculation determines the average power outage duration per supplied consumer (SAIDI), the average interruption frequency per year (SAIFI), the average outage duration as well as frequency for any given customer (CAIDI, CAIFI). Furthermore, literature values for the outage rates per network component are the basis for the calculation, e.g., from the FNN outage statistics. The configuration of the reliability parameters is done via so-called reliability types, which can be stored in the component database. Currently, the following failure types are supported: Independent Stochastic Failure (short/long), Fixed Failure (short/long), Maintenance Interruption (short/long), Manual Shutdown (immediate/delayed). According to customer feedback, the list of supported failures can be extended in the future.

In addition to the computational determination of the parameters for the entire network model under consideration, the results are broken down for each customer stored in the model. They are displayed by color coding on the network topology, tabular form, and histograms (see figure). This helps to identify particularly critical areas in the network.

The reliability calculation will be available to all our customers who use Adaptricity.Plan, Adaptricity.Sim and/or Adaptricity.Mon. Access to this feature will be happening automatically for our customers and will be enabled with one of our weekly deployments. After activation, the function can be found under “Static calculations”, “Reliability”.