TBW creates great added value with Adaptricity.Mon in the GIS area!

Project period: August 2020 – November 2021



The entire network model of Technische Betriebs Wil (TBW) is exported daily from GEONIS (GIS) and checked for topology, completeness and computational capability. This WILL be imported into Adaptricity.Mon together with the SmartMeter measurement data from the MDM (esolva) using a customer list (is-e), among other things. There, the complete network operation can be monitored daily and automatically. All connection requests, network calculations, analyses, planning and scenarios can be carried out easily and efficiently on the basis of actual operation.



·       Topologically maintained distribution network in the GIS with successful network model conversion

·       First monitoring setup with initial SmartMeter mapping via address designations



Due to the rapid increase in decentralized feed-ins (PVA) and electromobility, the procurement and evaluation of precise grid data is becoming more and more essential for the TBW. The effort involved is considerable. In addition, the utilization and flow direction in the power grid is changing, which means that a detailed insight into the real load flows is becoming increasingly important.



The implementation of Adaptricity.Mon. This enables the TBW to have full transparency about the resources in network operation. This results in the most precise, simple and conceptually sensible evaluations of connection applications and network planning. With the expanded know-how, various analyses of the network effects can be carried out in-house and the network can be expanded and discussed.



Information that used to require an additional power meter to be installed in the network can now be filtered out directly in Adaptricity.Mon. New connection requests can thus be easily processed and any information on load profiles, energy flows and power quality data can be read out. 

The software solution also has positive effects for the TBW team and the TBW's end customers: For the team, the power grid is presented transparently and clearly on one platform. "Adaptricity.Mon has increased the importance of the GIS area. Also for other departments in TBW. It is thus an important element in EV network calculation." Andreas Gnos, Head of Grid and Technology. For TBW's customers, this means that their questions related to PVA, charging infrastructure and other loads can be answered more easily and quickly.


With the rollout of Adaptricity.Mon, the TBW is drawing on Long-term added value: He gains in-depth knowledge of the power grids and is thus able to provide accurate information about bottlenecks. Furthermore, he can carry out various analyses independently and expand and maintain the network in a more targeted manner without having to call in external engineering services. 

Andreas Gnos, Head of Network and Technology concludes "The implementation was an instructive time with new insights for the GIS team."