Adaptricity AG launches a new feature: Station Internals

The "Station Internals" feature enables our customers to have a schematic and geographical visualization of the various stations and shows a simplified and structured separation of the elements inside and outside of stations. This, combined with the feature for long bus-bars, enables a clear representation of the station elements, significantly simplifying switching operations. This leads to more efficient work and faster traceability of the interconnections and network topology.


To whom is the Station Internals feature useful?

Station Internals is suitable for all network planners, caseworkers, and GIS departments who are already using at least one of our products and would like to get access to a simplified representation of the stations and their interconnections.

How to implement the feature:

We would be happy to adapt your network converter on request (subject to a charge). For this, we require the following information from your GIS or any other source system in use: Number of stations in the network, which network elements are assigned to which station, and the geographical coordinates of the individual stations.

The visualization of Station Internals:

View of the station (white box) on the geographic and schematic views
View inside the station 

Next steps:
Please reach out to us to get additional information about Station Internals and to discuss the options for implementation.