Hohlstrasse 190, 8004 Zurich

The Adaptricity Team wishes all of you a happy Easter weekend!

The Adaptricity Team is, like so many others, currently working remotely from home. For many in the A-Team this has been a regular work mode also before. Thus, for all work aspects everyone in the A-Team can be reached as usual by phone, skype, … or even via a simple email. Nevertheless, we also experienced some changes: we now have more daily stand-up meetings in the individual teams and more quiet time for working on the ‘hard’ challenges. However, what we are surely missing are the team lunches and inspiring discussions around a real coffee machine. Like everyone, we hope that these difficult times will be overcome soon and things will get back to normal more or less.

Stay healthy and we hope to see many of you again soon – online and, of course, also in person at some later point!