Adaptricity.Sim Academic

Your SmartGrid research: On the next level

Adaptricity.Sim is a cutting-edge simulation software package with unique features that will revolutionize your approach to SmartGrid research and teaching. Tailored to the needs of innovative minds in power systems research, Adaptricity.Sim is a hands-on, cloud-based, easily configurable tool to simulate the smart electricity grids of the future.

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Adaptricity.Sim Academic

Prosumers: The new reality in the grid

Special emphasis is on the Prosumer – electricity customers that can both produce and consume electricity. Prosumers show up in the grid in many forms: as private household with a generator to a factory with a large-scale solar-PV-installation on top. Prosumers in the grid trigger new and exciting research questions!

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Adaptricity.Sim Academic

A test-bed for the new energy world

Adaptricity.Sim enables time-simulations down to individual Prosumers. Its comprehensive simulation engine saves you the efforts on rebuilding the outside world. You can focus on what you know best: Developing algorithms for monitoring, control, and optimization of active distribution networks. Integrate your algorithms in MATLAB® and other script-based languages by exchanging data via a web API. More publishable results in less time!

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A test-bed for the new energy world

Take advantage of our pre-defined models for load, generation, and storage devices, extend them, or create entirely new ones


Import grid topologies from different formats such as PSS/E, IEEE Common Data Format, MATPOWER, UCTE, or DGS/PowerFactory


Run time-series simulations in interactive mode for a hands-on experience, or in non-interactive mode to run multiple simulations at full speed


Use probability distributions to obtain parameter diversity and vary them between simulation runs by changing seeds


Use stochastic sampling on aggregated load profiles and obtain thousands of different realizations for individual customers


Compute individual power flow situations (snapshots) and the voltage difference between two load and generation snapshots

smart grid
Dynamic Unit Models and Unit Controllers
  • Simulate static and dynamic models of units (physical devices connected to the grid) with linear, non-linear, and iterative characteristics
  • Extend the pre-configured models or build your own from scratch
  • Configure internal unit controllers to in order to model thermostatically controlled loads and controlled storage devices (e.g. hysteresis control)

Use MATLAB® as a front-end for Adaptricity.Sim, exchange data with the simulation in each time step, and analyze and visualize variables as you run through the simulation.

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  • Generate realistic single-customer load profiles with a defined yearly consumption by drawing time series from probability distributions
  • Take into account both the typical magnitude and the duration of a certain consumption event
  • Use real load data to extract the underlying probability distribution
Tariffs can have very strong impact on grid behavior since Prosumers may automatically schedule their devices, or adjust their own behavior, in order to lower their electricity bill. One popular example of this is the self-consumption of solar-PV electricity. Another is energy arbitrage using a battery.
Adaptricity.Sim comprises a tariff model framework for individual Prosumers and the possibility to configure rule-based controllers on the Prosumer level. They can make decisions based on variables such as PV in-feed, state of charge of batteries, or current electricity prices, and act on the input variables of the Prosumer’s units.
Adaptricity.Sim comes with two exemplary scenarios to illustrate this effect. One is using a Prosumer controller which switches the battery according to a tariff, the other tries to maximize the PV self-consumption of the Prosumer. Even when the Prosumers are completely identical otherwise, their aggregate behavior over time is extremely different!
Distribution System Operators who control their grid actively can have a set of controllers that act on the current state of the system. Adaptricity.Sim can represent these by timetable-based and rule-based controllers on the level of a unit aggregation (freely configurable group of units).
  • Time-table based controllers: Act on unit input variables based on time of day, day of the week, or public holidays
  • Rule-based controllers: Act on unit input variables based on grid state variables, other unit input variables (e.g., PV infeed) state of charge of batteries
  • Consider a subset of the grid state variables as measureable, and design state estimation algorithms that are executed in each time step.

  • Run your own optimization algorithms for dispatching generation, flexible load, or storage devices.

  • Modify elements in the simulation as it runs.

  • Query lots of live simulation statistics.

  • You can also use the RESTful API to connect Adaptricity.Sim to your favorite script language (e.g., Python).

Creating a scenario is easy as 1... 2... 3...

  1. Load a grid topology into Adaptricity.Sim
  2. Define Prosumer populations with diverse parameter sets drawn from probability distributions and disperse them on the grid topology
  3. Configure basic parameters such as duration of the simulation and the time resolution

Ease of use

Adaptricity.Sim allows you to model your desired distribution grid with ease and flexibility:

  • Import an arbitrary grid topology, and edit and reconfigure it as you like
  • Use our flexible unit modeling framework for static, linear time-invariant, nonlinear, or iteration-type unit models
  • Extend existing models or create new ones from scratch
  • Populate the grid with the combination of dynamic load, generation, and storage models that your test-case requires
Deep insights

Don’t limit yourself to a bird’s eye view on your test case! Feel free to zoom in and explore the details.

Monitor individual grid variables at given time-steps, explore what your Prosumers are doing at that time, and get a thorough understanding of how the grid benefits from your control and operation strategies.

enhanced simulation capabilities

Use Adaptricity.Sim to simulate lots of distribution grid scenarios that would be very time-consuming to set up otherwise:

  • Assemble your desired SmartGrid simulation scenario in hours, not weeks or months
  • Save your valuable time for developing new algorithms instead of creating an entire simulation environment on your own
  • Quickly introduce changes and save variants of a given scenario in order to compare the effects

Use our comprehensive visualization features for a quick and flexible overview over the relevant simulation variables:

  • Line diagram
  • Bar chart
  • Box-whisker plot
  • Tariff impact visualizer

Export time-series simulation data as .csv files for post-processing and further analysis

data export and visualization

Get your students hooked:
Use Adaptricity.Sim for power systems education

  • Create exciting tasks for your students in Adaptricity.Sim and help them understand Active Distribution Network Management (ADNM), demand response, or the effects of distributed energy storage
  • Use Adaptricity.Sim for interactive classroom exercises or individual assignments
  • Avoid the hassle of distributing software to everyone - just give your students a user account for your Adaptricity.Sim cloud instance
Sign up for your free 30 day trial of Adaptricity.Sim - no credit card required!

Free trial includes all features of professional version, 2 concurrent simulations, 1 CPU core, 30 GB storage. Will be canceled automatically and all data will be deleted after 30 days if no upgrade to a paid plan is performed.


CHF 135/mo*
  • REST API to control and manipulate running simulations, for example using MATLAB®
  • Watch simulations and interact with them
  • Simulate tariffs & prosumers’ electricity bills, model self-consumption
  • Export simulation results as .csv time series
  • Max. units/prosumers per simulation: 5,000
  • Max. simulation duration: 6 months
  • Grid: Max buses/branches: 50
  • Max. number of users: 3
  • 50 queued simulations
    2 concurrent simulations
    1 CPU core
  • 30 GB storage

*20% off when paid yearly
(CHF 1,296 instead of CHF 1,620)


CHF 285/mo*
Features: Basic, plus...
  • Execute time- & rule-based controllers on defined aggregations of units
  • Execute prosumer controllers
  • Load profiles for time series randomization, use units with defined annual energy consumption
  • Integrate tap-changing transformers
  • Max. units/prosumers per simulation: 25,000
  • Max. simulation duration: 1 year
  • Grid: Max buses/branches: 200
  • Max. number of users: 10
  • 150 queued simulations
    5 concurrent simulations
    3 CPU cores
  • 100 GB storage

*20% off when paid yearly
(CHF 2,736 instead of CHF 3,420)


CHF 455/mo*
Features: Advanced, plus...
  • Import large SmartMeter time series and set up simulations with it
  • Run voltage rise computations
  • Automatically assign SmartMeter time series to buses in the grid
  • Max. units/prosumers per simulation: 50,000
  • Max. simulation duration: 2 years
  • Grid: Max buses/branches: 1,000
  • Max. number of users: 50
  • 250 queued simulations
    10 concurrent simulations
    5 CPU cores
  • 200 GB storage

*20% off when paid yearly
(CHF 4,368 instead of CHF 5,460)

Sign up for your free 30 day trial of Adaptricity.Sim - no credit card required!

Free trial includes all features of professional version, 2 concurrent simulations, 1 CPU core, 30 GB storage. Will be canceled automatically and all data will be deleted after 30 days if no upgrade to a paid plan is performed.

What we do

Adaptricity is a spin-off company of the Power Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich. We develop simulation and optimization software tools for adapting electric distribution grids for the transition towards renewable energies.

We focus on innovative SmartGrid features such as distributed energy storage, demand response, and other active grid elements. These features are key to ensuring a stable distribution grid operation with high shares of renewable energy generation.

Our products help distribution grid operators to evaluate a large set of possible SmartGrid upgrade alternatives before making costly grid investments. This enables them to plan the optimal transition from their existing electricity grids to tomorrow's SmartGrids.



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